Thompson Rare Books specializes in fine, rare and interesting books in many fields, concentrating on literary first editions, early fantasy, science fiction, occultism, mythology, folklore, detective fiction and mysteries, illustrated books, children's books, and fine printing and bindings. ~ Established in 1983.

In addition to the books we list on our site we issue regular on-line catalogues which showcase new arrivals, collections and subjects. If you would like to receive email notification when we post a new catalogue, please use the Mailing List link below. You may also receive weekly notification of new arrivals in your topics of interest by subscribing to our Topic Notification feature.

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A Note about our Mail Order Business and Covid-19

As many of you know, we are located in a very rural area on the West Coast of Canada. Both our house and bookshop have had no visitors and we have been practicing all recommended safety precautions - both personally and with regard to our books and packages, since the first week of March, 2020.  It is now known that the viability of the virus is 24 hours on paper & cardboard.  It is almost entirely impossible to contract the virus from a book mailed in the post. It is possible for the outer wrapping of the parcel to have been infected by a mail carrier who unknowingly has the disease, but that is true of almost everything these days, and we recommend carefully removing the outer packaging and then sterilizing your hands (washing with soap & warm water, or using hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol) before opening the inner wrappings. This is the same procedure that should be done with anything entering into a safe, virus-free zone, and the same procedure that we take with anything entering our "home space", be it mail or groceries from the food store.

Please be aware that you can buy from us in confidence, and we will continue to mail parcels for as long as we receive orders and as long as the post office continues to operate. At this point, there are no shipping issues between Canada, the United States and England, our three main trading countries.


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