TALKING STICK MAGAZINE. Later titled: Talking Stick Journal). Issues No. 1 - 26, Plus Vol 2, Nos 1-2, Plus the TALKING STICK MAGICAL DIRECTORY. 29 issues, A Complete Set. TALKING STICK MAGAZINE . A. Complete Set, Later titled: Talking Stick Journal, Andrew Chumbley Interest.
TALKING STICK MAGAZINE. Later titled: Talking Stick Journal). Issues No. 1 - 26, Plus Vol 2, Nos 1-2, Plus the TALKING STICK MAGICAL DIRECTORY. 29 issues, A Complete Set.
TALKING STICK MAGAZINE. Later titled: Talking Stick Journal). Issues No. 1 - 26, Plus Vol 2, Nos 1-2, Plus the TALKING STICK MAGICAL DIRECTORY. 29 issues, A Complete Set.

TALKING STICK MAGAZINE. Later titled: Talking Stick Journal). Issues No. 1 - 26, Plus Vol 2, Nos 1-2, Plus the TALKING STICK MAGICAL DIRECTORY. 29 issues, A Complete Set.

London: Talking Stick Krayzee Klub. 1990-1999. First Printings. Original Wraps. First Editions. Softcover. Quarto. (8" x 11.5"), later perfect bound trade paperbacks (for the last two issues, Vol 2, Issues Nos 1 & 2). Variously paginated. Comprises Issues Nos 1-26, Vol 2 Issues 1 & 2, plus the 'Talking Stick Magical Directory"; total 29 issues. Stapled card covers with tipped on colour illustrated title plate, b&w illustrations. A fine set. Fine. Item #311878

Edited by the Whiplash Girls, Wolf Woman and Pussy Galore. A major journal during an important time in the resurgence of the modern occult movement. Noted occultist Andrew D. Chumbley is represented in issue VII (Summer, 1992), THE AZOETIA cited by Freya Aswynn in the ‘Prospero’s Books’ section as one of her three volumes for ‘desert island’ reading (pp.2-3); Issue VIII (Autumn 1992) contains Chumbley’s review of ‘Chaos and Sorcery’ pp. 38-39, published by Nicholas Hall in an edition of 300 copies at te same time as THE AZOETIA, which was itself reviewed by Hall on page 39. Issue XX (Winter 1995-6) has Chumbley’s article A SCATTERING OF DUST FROM THE ING OF THE MOTH pp. 28-31, originally published in ‘Chaos International’ No. 19; Issue XXI (Spring 1996) has a review of QUTUB by ‘CL’, on page 2.

Contents include:

No.1, 1990. 40pp Articles include:- Alby Stone - Sexuality and Shamanism, Bernard King - Lost Runes; Dark Star; Resurrection of Arthur; Julian Vayne .

No.2, 1990. Articles include:- Alby Stone - Robert Graves; Great Modern Goddesses; Resurrection of Merlin; Julian Vayne.

No.3, 1991. 36pp Articles include:- Norse Creation Myth; Steve Wilson - Dreamwork; Michael York - Dethronement of Odin; Caroline Wise - Brigid and Imbolc; Gods of the Celts.

No.4, 1991. 44pp Articles include:- James Barter - Blue Magic; Freya Aswynn - Dethrone Odin? Never!; Julian Vayne - Rite to Kill; Gareth Medway - Au Nom de Diable; Alby Stone - God and Demons.

No.5, 1991. 40pp Articles include:- Bob Trubshaw - Initiation; Alby Stone - Georges Dumezil; Pentangle of Gawain; Freya Aswyn; Bernard King.

No.6, 1992. 36pp Articles include:- Alby Stone - Heretic hairdos; Mythology and Shamanism of Haida Indians; Bob Morrell responds to Bob Trubshaw re initiation.

No.7, 1992. 40pp Articles include:- Freyr Aswynn - Seidr Magic; Kate Westwood - Devas; Cecil Williamson Interview; Vanir of the Norse Tradition; Geomancy.

No.8, 1992. 44pp Articles include:- Gareth Medway - Mauve Zone (Kenneth Grant);; Sacred Bee; Tarot Therapy; Mike Howard - Traditional Witchcraft; Cecil Williamson inviewed about Gerald Gardner; Bob Trubshaw - Initiations vs Freethought; Ken Rees - Role of the Esoteric; Alby Stone - Pete Marsh (body paint).

No.9, 1992. 40pp Articles include;- Cecil Williamson reminisces about Crowley; Mike Howard – On Crones; Gareth Medway - Flagellation and Worship; Dave Rankine - Meditation; Michael York - Transvestism and Saturnalia.

No.10, 1993. 36pp. Articles include:- Alby Stone - Eostre, an Old English Goddess?; John Ruse - Wiccan Initiations are illegal; Nick Hall - Mystery of Pain; Prudence Jones - Paradigms; Religious Castration.

No.11, 1993. 44pp Articles include:- Mike |Howard 0 Sacred Hare; Michael York - Mithras and the Bull; Christina |Harrington - The Morrigan; Alby Stone - Second Meresburg Charm; The Oracular Serpent; Star Beasts; Hyperborean Horses.

No.12, 1993. 40pp Articles include:- Profile of Phil Hine; Phil Hine - Demon Lovers; Adrian Bott -the Magickal Vampire; Cecil Williamson Interview; Ronald Hutton - Medieval Peasant Religion; Aphrodisiac Ligature.

No.13, 1993. 36pp Articles include:- Michael Howard - Lords of Misrule; Alby Stone - Eye in the Well; Ken Rees - Janus; Glastonbury; Extra Sensuous Perception; child abuse survivor describes finding healing through paganism; Philip Carr Gomm - The Green Man.

No.14, 1994. 44pp Articles include:-Interview with Cecil Williamson; Gareth Medway - Origins of the Tarot; Snapshot of Magickal Brazil; Alby Stone- Paganism at Sutton Hoo; Bernard King - the north.

No.15, 1994. 48pp Articles include:- Phil Hine - Great Cthulhu Lies dreaming; Jack Shakleford - Wish Maid (faeires); Rose Lopes - Recipe to Converse with the Fairies (Brazil, Iraq and Britain; Alby Stone - Elves in Germanic Tradition; Ken Rees - Fairy Faith; Terence McKenna - Dream Matrix Telemetry.

No.16, 1994. 44pp Articles include:- Ron Howard - Morris and Marion; Mystical Penatacle; Alby Stone -Seidr; Yggdrasil, Cosmic World Tree; Mike Shankland - Hecate; Amanda Prouten - Dragon Lore.

No.17, 1994. 36pp Articles include:- Alby Stone - Magic Staff in Norse Tradition; Yvonne Arburrow - Beware of the Dogma; Mike Howard - Dion Fortune, Priestess of the Mysteries; Melissa Montgomery - Lament for Lilith.

No.18, 1995. 48pp Articles include:- Alby Stone - Mythos of the Celestial Bear; Caroline Stick - Anansi; Phil Hine - Ganesha; Bob Trubshaw - Black Dogs and Hellhounds; Michael Howard - familiars etc; Yvonne Arburrow - Animals in Folklore.

No.19, 1995. 44pp Articles include:- Michael Howard - Grail Mysteries; Jack Gale - Dion Fortune and the Glastonbury Connection; Alby Stone - Fire and Water; Lore of Insects; Lillith Babellon - Vampires, Bats, Shamanic Ancestors.

No.20, 1995. 44pp Articles include:- Jack Gale - Goddess Holda; Conjuration of Spirits; Andrew Chumbley - A Scattering of Dust from the Wing of a Moth.

No.21, 1996. 48pp Articles include:-Alby Stone - Indo European Shaman; Michael Bingas - The Odyssey; John Eden - Association of Autonomous Astronauts; Chrys Livings - Skin and Bone (body parts in tribal sorcery); Thor and the Midgard Serpent; Demons.

No.22, 1996. 48pp Articles include:- Phil Hine - Aspects of Tantra part1;Gerald Suster - Go For It; Professor Medway - The Lamia; Mogg Morgan - Yeats the Magician Part 1; Alby Stone - The World Tree in Iran; Jan Fries - Helruna Supplement.

No.23, 1996. 48pp Articles include:- Mike Howard - Hellfire Club; Geoff Wright - Gerald gardner Assessed; Jack Shakleford - The Shadow Goddess; Julian Vayne - War of the Worlds; Phil Hine - Tantra part 2; Mogg Morgan, Yeats the Magician part 2; Ian Freer - True Location of Atlantis.

No.24, 1997. 40pp Articles include:- Dave Rankine - Kali / Ogham Treesong (poems); Gerald Suster - Go For It part 2; Mark McCann - The Greenstone; Gareth Medway - Dialogues with the Goddess.

No.25, 1997. 44pp Articles include:- Alby Stone - Ritual Sex Change in Pagan Scandinavia; Rose Lopes - Mystery of Sacred Prostitution; Jack gale - Magic of Folk Rock; Gareth Medway - Lesbian cannibal Warrior Witches of Atlantis; Benjamin Rose - Abyss of Transcendence.

No.26, 1997. 44pp Articles include:- Gareth Medway - Goddess Diana; Allen Hunt - Rasputin; Gerald Suster - Go For It;; Cecil Williamson Speaks (early history of Witchcraft Museum, magical acts etc.); Phil Hine - Tantra part 3; David Fairfax - In Search of Cernunnos .

No 27 (Volume II, Issue 1) 183pp, Trade paperback format. Michael Howard – Angelic Magick; Melissa Montgomery - Margaret Murray Reappraised; Caroline Wise – Crowley Art Exhibition; Phil Hine; Mogg Morgan on Yeats.

No 28 (Volume II, Issue 2) 196pp, Trade paperback format. Janet Weiss – Smoke and Brimstone; Gerald Suster on Gurus and Grades; Michael Howard – The Magus of St. Giles; Phil Hine – Leaving Magical Groups; Melissa Montgomery – Margaret Murray Pt. 2; Caroline Wise – London Girls.

Talking Stick Magical Directory: The Pagan, Occult and Esoteric Organisations in Great Britain. 28pp. Articles by Caroline Wise, Christina Oakley, Mike Howard, Freya Aswynn, Mogg Morgan, Aleister Crowley and Frater Alverda, Mike Magee, Gerald Suster and others on Witchcraft; Northern Tradition; Druidic and Celtic; Eco-Magick; Aleister Crowley and the Eastern Influence; and The Western Esoteric Tradition, as well as the Magical Directory: Being a fairly comprehensive list of all the main pagan groups and magical organisations around the country at the time of going to press.

Price: $375.00