Item #311403 MAGIC AND WITCHERY IN THE MODERN WEST. Celebrating the Twentienth Anniversary of 'The Triumph of the Moon'. Shai FERARO, Ethan Doyle White.

MAGIC AND WITCHERY IN THE MODERN WEST. Celebrating the Twentienth Anniversary of 'The Triumph of the Moon'.

Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2019. First Edition. Hardcover. Octavo. Hardcover, original pictorial boards. 257 pp, Index. A volume in the Palgrave Historical Studies in Witchcraft and Magic Series. A fine copy without dust jacket, as issued. Note: This title is In Print for $149.99 US. Fine. Item #311403

¶ This book marks twenty years since the publication of Professor Ronald Hutton’s The Triumph of the Moon, a major contribution to the historical study of Wicca. Building on and celebrating Hutton’s pioneering work, the chapters in this volume explore a range of modern magical, occult, and Pagan groups active in Western nations. Each contributor is a specialist in the study of modern Paganism and occultism, although differ in their embrace of historical, anthropological, and psychological perspectives. Chapters examine not only the history of Wicca, the largest and best-known form of modern Paganism, but also modern Pagan environmentalist and anti-nuclear activism, the Pagan interpretation of fairy folklore, and the contemporary ‘Traditional Witchcraft’ phenomenon. Chapters include: Twenty Years On: An Introduction, by Ethan Doyle White and Shai Feraro; The Goddess and the Great Rite: Hindu Tantra and the Complex Origins of Modern Wicca, by Hugh B. Urban; Playing The Pipes of PAN: Pagans Against Nukes and the Linking of Wiccan-Derived Paganism with Ecofeminism in Britain, 1980–1990, by Shai Feraro; Other Sides of the Moon: Assembling Histories of Witchcraft, by Helen Cornish; The Nearest Kin of the Moon: Irish Pagan Witchcraft, Magic(k), and the Celtic Twilight, by Jenny Butler; The Taming of the Fae: Literary and Folkloric Fairies in Modern Paganisms, by Sabina Magliocco; “Wild Nature” and the Lure of the Past: The Legacy of Romanticism Among Young Pagan Environmentalists, by Sarah M. Pike; The Blind Moondial Makers: Creativity and Renewal in Wicca, by Léon A. Gulik; “The Eyes of Goats and of Women”: Femininity and the Post-Thelemic Witchcraft of Jack Parsons and Kenneth Grant, by Manon Hedenborg White; Navigating the Crooked Path: Andrew D. Chumbley and the Sabbatic Craft, by Ethan Doyle White; Witches Still Fly: Or Do They? Traditional Witches, Wiccans, and Flying Ointment, by Chas S. Clifton; & Afterword, by Ronald Hutton.

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