OPUSCULA MAGICA. Volume I: Essays on Witchcraft and The Sabbatic Tradition. Edited by Daniel A. Schulke. Hardcover Issue. Andrew D. CHUMBLEY.

OPUSCULA MAGICA. Volume I: Essays on Witchcraft and The Sabbatic Tradition. Edited by Daniel A. Schulke. Hardcover Issue.

Three Hands Press. 2010. First Edition, First Printing. Hardcover. First Edition. Octavo, original cloth, art paper end-leaves, letterpress dust wrapper. 152 pp., Illustrated. One of 726 hand-numbered copies bound in cloth, this being Copy No. 66. A fine copy in a fine dust wrapper. Fine in Dust Jacket. Item #311115

¶ The Opuscula Magica treats in four volumes the short exegetical works on magic by the British occult author Andrew D. Chumbley (1967-2004). The series presents his magical essays, homilies, and other obscure works which originally appeared in small-circulation occult journals now out of print. Each volume presents a series of collated works, some revised or updated prior to his death, as well as a number of writings and illustrations previously unpublished. Together with his grimoire-texts of the magical order Cultus Sabbati, these ‘minor works on magic’ are the origination-point and foundation texts of Sabbatic Witchcraft and Crooked Path Sorcery, two of Chumbley’s most important contributions to the Art Magical. With the intent to make these works more widely available to scholars and magical practitioners, the series is printed and bound in a fine book format suited to their study and preservation. The series editor is Daniel A. Schulke. Opuscula Magica Volume One contains nine essays written between 1990 and 2003, including one previously unpublished. This volume also includes an Author’s Introduction never before published, as well as an expanded version of the interview with Chumbley in The Cauldron. The essays reflect a degree of magical insight, clarity of vision, and creativity seldom equaled in occult writing to this day. Three Hands Press, a sister publishing house of Xoanon Publishing, was first conceived in the Summer of 2003 as a joint venture between Andrew Chumbley, Daniel Schulke, and an anonymous third party. Its name refers in part to the threefold actuating force of author, publisher, and the animating spirit of a book. Dually-born of vision and epiphany, Three Hands arose in consideration of the body of essays, academic works, and other writings beyond the intent and scope of Xoanon, but common to its corpus of authors. As a textual vessel serving the varied concerns of these separate works, Three Hands is driven by the energeia of the Xoanon publishing ethos. The primary foci of these books are magic, divination, folklore, folk-religion, magical history, and mysticism, often written from the twofold perspective of scholar and practitioner. As with Xoanon, Three Hands Press maintains its ongoing commitment to textual integrity, artful design, quality craftsmanship, and the ingenium of fascination which gives rise to the Book of Power.

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