THE MASTER THERION. From the Oil Painting by Leon Engers Kennedy (Frater T.A.T.K.T.A.).

UK: Mandrake Press, 1992. First Separate Edition. Art Print. Large format High Quality Lithographic Print reproducing an Oil Painting of Crowley by Leon Engers Kennedy, circa 1918. Printed on heavy 170 gms art paper stock, full colour, 25 x 17 inches. The painting was originally reproduced in THE EQUINOX Vol.III No.1 (The Blue Equinox) in 1919 where it is described: "The master is represented in His holy meditation. About him flames the Aura corresponding to that particular Trance as directly observed by the artist, who possesses the power of True Vision". A fine example. Fine. Item #310683

Esoteric artist Leon Engers’ (1891-1970) “soul painting” of Aleister Crowley. The original oil painting was painted from life, circa 1918 and is now displayed in the National Portrait Gallery in London. During the painting process, Kennedy entered his astral body, then rose on the plains so as to perceive and record the astral presence of Therion. He mixed sexual fluids with the paints to better make manifest his magical vision.

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