THE SACRED MUSHROOM SEEKER. TRIBUTES TO R. GORDON WASSON by Terence McKenna, Joan Halifax, Peter T. Furst, Albert Hofmann, Richard Evans Schultes, and Others.

Rochester, Vermont: Park Street Press, 1997. Re-issue. Original Wrappers (Large Format Paperback). Quarto, original pictorial wrappers. 283 pp, Illustrated with colour & black & white plates, Index. A fine copy in wrappers. Fine. Item #310509

¶ Originally published in 1990 by Timber Press. Wasson was the first Westerner on record to intentionally consume one of the hallucinogenic sacred mushrooms of Mexico. This began a life of research into the role of mushroom entheogens (a word coined by Wasson and others meaning ‘to generate God within.) His research propounded a number of theories about the role of these mushrooms in our cultural history, specifically within religious contexts. For example, he proposed that Amanita muscaria (Fly agaric) as the identity of the Vedic soma. From the publication of Soma: The Divine Mushroom of Immortality (1968) onward, he began the Ethnomycological Study series, and this collection of tributes is designated the eleventh in the series.

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